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The city itself is frequently called 'the open-air museum'. The varied heritage led to remarkable mix of Gothic, Baroque and Renaissance architecture. More than 50% of all architectural monuments in Ukraine are located in Lviv/Lvov. No wonder that on November of 1998 the city was officially included to the UNESCO List of World Monuments of Architecture.

Note that besides its Ukrainian name, Lviv is also known by several other names in different languages: Polish: Lwow; German: Lemberg, Russian: Lvov. After Ukraine became independent in 1991, the Ukrainian version became much more common so using Lviv while searching the Internet will result in many more hits.

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Lviv international airport is located 7km from the downtown. Lviv is served via direct international routes including flights from Vienna (by Austrian Airlines), Warsaw (by Polish LOT Airlines), Frankfurt (Ukraine International Airlines). For more info please visit Lviv International Airport
LWO is an international code for the Lviv Airport.


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Language, Culture, Customs and Etiquette - short guide covering country characteristic, the people, language, culture, etiquette, business protocol, communication styles and much more .


If you speak some Russian, you will not be lost in a city. If you don't and want to learn basic language skills, than you should, of course, go with Ukrainian and buy at least basic Ukrainian-English English-Ukrainian Dictionary or Electronic Translators.

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