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Львів In Ukrainian
Львів wikipedia
Головна - Львівська міська рада — Official Lviv city council website
Львівський портал

Львов in Russian
Львов wikipedia in Russian.
The site of emigrants from Lvov Gigantic and well organized site covering everything about Lvov
Мы - манкурты Страница русского львовянина

Lwów in Polish
Lwów wikipedia.
Mój Lwów - wspomnienia i aktualności ze Lwowa
Lwów na przedwojennej fotografii Old photos and postcards. Historia miasta Lwowa uwieczniona w przedwojennych widokówkach.

Ukraine Lviv (Lvov) city guide - hotels, restaurants, travel in Ukrainian, English, German, Polish, Russian
Multilingual Website of the Center for Urban History in Lviv Ukrainian, English, German, Polish, Russian
Lviv open to the world in Ukrainian, English, Polish.

In English
Lviv on Wikipedia all you need to know about Lviv: Geography (Location, Climate), History, Demographics, Government, Transport, Culture, Architecture, Religion, Museums and art galleries, Economy, Tourist attractions, etc
Lvov - Tourist Guide History of Lvov

Lviv – the chess capital of Ukraine
Lviv,Lemberg,Lwow,Lvov,Leopolis... LOTS of links on Lviv and other towns of Lviv region. by Roman Zakharii
The Communities of L'viv / Lwow / L'vov / Lemberg, 1939-1953 Dissertation proposal. (where to get the final?)
Austrian-Hungarian Imperial civic heraldry (for Galicia)
Polish and Austrian coat of arms for Galicia.
Catholic Encyclopedia about Lemberg

Lemberg Ghetto Soviet control, German conquest, Petlura days, The Ghetto (wikipedia)
US Holocaust Museum information on Lviv
Lvov ghetto - spring of 1942. In June 1943 ghetto was terminated. About 500 people survived. Over 110,000 Jews lived in Lvov before WW II. Total population was 300,000
Orchestra of the Janowska Camp in Lvov Jewish musicians were ordered to play a Death Tango during grave-digging and executions. Before liquidating the camp, the S.S. shot all the musicians.