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Searching ancestral roots in Galicia

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Records for year: 2000

    From: "pykoo1" <pykoo1$$$>
    Sent: Wednesday, December 27, 2000 10:21 PM

    My maternal grandmother, Anna Makar, came from Galicia in Austria-Hungary,
    b.1891. I never knew what oblast, but I think it may be this one because
    someone else found Makars there. However, Anna left many family members
    behind in a village, not a city; perhaps it was outside the capital. Her
    mother's name was Sophie. My mother often spoke of her heritage, about the
    Tartars and Turks invading long ago and the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. Anna
    Makar had an aunt in Lowell, Massachusetts. I would be glad to exchange
    information with anyone seeing any connection to their family stories.
    Christine Babick

    From: "Ronald V. Mlejnek" <mlejnek$$$>
    Sent: Wednesday, December 27, 2000 11:45 AM

    I am seeking information about the ZAICHOVSKI family of Wojaszowka, Galicia
    (near Rzeszów and Przemýsl). The earliest ancestor I am aware of is Josef
    Zaichovski. His son, Kasimir, moved to Vlkos Moravia and adopted the name

    Anyone having experience in getting records from this region, I would
    appreciate anz advise. I have written all the archdiocese (in Polish) and
    they say they have no records.

    Ron Mlejnek

    Sent: Tuesday, December 26, 2000 6:28 PM


    I am trying to trace information on my father's side of the family. His last
    name is Levovnik. Any information, clues, hints would be greatly appreciated.

    Jane Thompson
    Ottawa, Canada

    From: "Denise Henderson" <d.henderson$$$>
    Sent: Tuesday, December 26, 2000 5:28 PM

    Hello! I visited your wonderful site because my father was from Lvov. He
    left there as a soldier in the 2nd WW and eventually settled in Scotland.
    Unfortunately, due to illness and then his death in 1963, he never saw his
    Polish family again. I do not know if he (we) have any surviving family
    there. His name was Zdzislaw Tadek Stelmaszczuk. If anyone knows of him or
    any relatives I would love to hear from you. I can be contacted at
    d.henderson$$$ Thanks. Denise Henderson

    From: "Banner, Rita" <banner$$$>
    Sent: Thursday, December 21, 2000 8:19 AM

    I'm trying to find information about my grandfather. His name is Max
    Banner, born 11/5/1889. He emigrated from Knihynicze, near Rohytn, near
    Stryz, near Burstyn in the Ukraine. He and his brother, David, came to the
    USA in 1906-1908. I would appreciate any information about them, or about
    locations where I can find records. Thank you.
    Rita Banner

    From: "Gianluca Varone" <GVarone$$$>
    Sent: Sunday, December 03, 2000 5:42 AM
    Subject: LEOPOLI

    I am writing these few lines for congratulating you for the nice site about
    your native town and to suggest you a little improvment to it: another name
    of your native town to be listed! Indeed the Italian name is missing :-)
    Lvov was always know here in Italy as "LEOPOLI": you mentioned some
    hystorical relations of Lvov with Italians (and with Creeks???? Greeks, I
    suppose) settling and living there so may be you can add also this version
    on the names list :-) :-)
    Previously I read of Leopoli only from my modern history classes (because
    of the bloody battles fought in that spot of old Europe).

    Best Regards

    G. Varone

    From: "Susan Scheichet" <susan-scheichet$$$>
    Sent: Monday, November 27, 2000 3:17 PM

    I am trying to research my family tree. My relatives are from a town called
    Tarnopol. It is southeast of Lvov. I was wondering if you had any
    information on this town or what the new name of it is. I hope you can help

    Best Regards,


    From: Adela
    Sent: Monday, November 06, 2000 1:46 PM


    I am endeavoring to trace the history and family of my mother, Valentina Skuratowa, who was born in Lvov on January 17, 1919. She was taken away from her family at the age of 17 and has had no contact with them since then. If there are any message boards or directories that are available or other resources you may refer me to where I can find any information about my mothers’ parents and brothers that were left behind, I would greatly appreciate it. Is there a directory of residents in Lvov currently that is available for access? Thank you very much for your prompt response.

    Adela Kunasz

    Long Beach, California

    (562) 987-1795


    Sent: Monday, November 06, 2000 1:12 AM
    Subject: busqueda

    hy , may be somebody could look for me, what happend realy to my uncle, in Lemberg, the last time he wrote a later was from there, telling her sister he was in good health .he told in that letter he would writte soon in extensive lines all about his adventure.that ocured in 1939. We never heard again about him.His name was Paul Löff Blum.And may be there is any registrations about his death and how this took place. I am very acknoledge to could write this lines and make contact so far away from Santiago de Chile where i live to the other side of the world. thanks a lot.

    From: "RICHARD TOVIAH" <richard.toviah$$$>
    Cc: "Arkady Klimchuk" <babin005$$$>
    Sent: Saturday, October 28, 2000 1:09 AM
    Subject: Jewish Klimchuk's.

    Hello, my name is Richard Toviah. I'm trying to get a hold of an Arkady
    Klimchuk. The reason is to learn more about him and to find out if we are
    related? I come from a line of Klimchuk's from my mother's side. I am
    originally from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. There were a large amount of
    Klimchuk's that left the Ukraine ending up in the US and Canada in the early
    1900's. I 've always wondered if that side were Jewish ? The reason why I
    don't know is because I never knew or met anyone of them except my
    grandmother. She passed on when I was very young. If you know anything
    please contact me at richard.toviah$$$ Thank you very much.

    From: "Kayte S" <kaz24$$$>
    Sent: Tuesday, October 17, 2000 8:19 PM

    My ancestors were originally from Lvov, Poland. I'm researching
    some of my heritage and wonder if anyone has any informantion
    about the following family names. I believe most of my family
    emigrated from Poland in the 19-teens to avoid being drafted into
    the Russian army during World War I.

    Thank you so much!
    -Kayte kaz24$$$

    Sent: Saturday, March 04, 2000 7:31 PM

    Hi, I just found your sight and find it interesting, mainly because we are currently tracking the roots of my paternal grandparents, from the community of Podhorce, which is apparently 100 kilometers from Lvov. One of the family names I am looking for is very close to yours. It is Babij. Sound familiar or any suggestions as to any further Lvov resources I could search? Thank you, my email, in the event you have any suggestions is macmob$$$

    Sent: Friday, October 13, 2000 9:36 PM

    Please help me.
    in 1940 my father was deported, he died 15 years ago.
    in 1939 he lived in Podzamcze 3, Lwow,Poland today Lviv,Ukraine.
    my father was a businessman in 1939 and was married.
    what happened to his wife?
    please help.
    my father
    Romuald J Dabrowski
    born January 9th,1914
    Tomasz Adam
    Kazimiera Maria Tyszecka
    please help

    Sent: Friday, October 06, 2000 11:28 AM
    Subject: Krichevsky

    If you want Krichevsky in mp3 format , you can get 'em at .
    good luck .

      Sent: Wednesday, October 04, 2000 1:50 PM

      My name is Paschaloudis Paschalis and i am from Greece.
      I studied in Lvov in Polytechnik Institut from 1984 to 1989.
      My email address is ppasc$$$

        Sent: Wednesday, September 20, 2000 6:51 PM

        if any one knows about the skibicki family from turowka, poland .(turovka)
        this is now part of the ukraine (i think) , but used to be part of poland.
        any thing at all would be very helpful E mail address
        E mail address wskibicki$$$

        From: Czech Jan
        Sent: Wednesday, September 20, 2000 2:32 PM

        Wednesday, 20 September 2000
        Dear sir,
        My father was born in 1924 in Zeldec (now called Zheldets?) about 32 km in distance from Lviv.
        Do you know where I can find more information about this place (photographs, civillian-records
        for tracing family, web-sites, roadmap)?
        I would appreciate your help, thanks very much.
        Best regards
        Jan Czech

        From: "Richard Masters" <mun00299$$$>
        Sent: Thursday, August 31, 2000 10:27 PM

        Am looking for Ludimilla, born March 13, 1950. If anyone runs across
        her. Ask her to email Dick Masters at rmasters$$$ I know she is an

        Thank you
        Dick Masters

        From: "Public PC Patron" <publicpc$$$>
        Sent: Sunday, August 20, 2000 6:58 PM

        Hallow and the best wishes to all lvovites from Irene,
        Los Angeles.

        From: "dorothy krynicki" <dorothyk$$$>
        Sent: Saturday, August 19, 2000 9:47 PM
        Subject: stopa family

        I am interested in any information on the Stopa family from a small
        village outside Lwow, called Kremerowka. My Grandfather was Jan Stopa
        and my Grandmother was Maria, nee Tworek. They had three children, two
        of the names I know are Stanislaw, and Janina. If you have any
        information on this family, the Tworek family or even on the village
        itself i would appreciate your posting it to this site.
        Thank you for the opportunity to discover my roots
        Keep Smilin' Dorothy

        Sent: Saturday, August 12, 2000 2:52 PM

        I love your site ! I am a direct relative of Col. Alfred Redl . I was born
        in Vienna
        lived in NY , LA , Rio de Janeiro and now back in Vienna .
        I will visit Lwow in October for the first time . You site was very helpfull !

        Ludwig Redl

        From: "La La Larsen" <la_la__$$$>
        Sent: Tuesday, August 08, 2000 2:27 PM

        Hello. I just wanted to send you a note to let you know I really enjoyed
        your website. My bestfriend is currently in Lviv learning about the history
        of where his family originated. I miss him dearly, and I wanted to touch a
        piece of the history he is experiencing. Your website helped me do just
        that. Thank you.

        From: "MELVIN ROGOW" <mrogow$$$>
        Sent: Sunday, August 06, 2000 8:21 AM

        My maternal grandparents came from the Lviv area, originally around 1895,
        and more particularly from SKOLE and BOLEKHOV. I am seeking information

        Mel Rogow
        Los Angeles

        From: writeme
        Sent: Sunday, August 06, 2000 1:35 AM
        Subject: Where was I born?

        Hi my name is Rosemary.
        I am having a bit of a problem, I know I was sent to Great Ormond street hospital when I was very sick ay the age of 1+. Now I do not have a birth cerificate and I wondered is there a way i can check for my name, Now my sur-name has been changed due to the fact that my parents are now seperated, but where can I go to look through archives and stuff to find my self as no one wants to tell me where i really came from, I'm beginning to wonder if I was adopted. nOt that it would stop me loving my dear mum, but can you recommend a course of action. Please e-mail me with suggestions at: rosepeaks$$$ Thank you very much.
        Your truly,

        Sent: Friday, August 04, 2000 11:42 PM
        Subject: Looking for Information on lost Families in Poland, and Czech, Slovak Republics, and Canada, America, South America, and Mexico

        My immediate Polish Family Surnames lost From 1850 back to 1500 in Poland, and from 1890 through Today in Poland America. South America, Mexico, and Canada, All 100% Roman Catholics.
        Bura or Bury, Chrobak, Karnas, Kociuba, Dyrkacz, Wrobel, Wiezniak, Wierniak, Urbaniak, Marasztyk, Pinkowciz, Pasciak, Paczkowski, Lihota, Spindo,Tworzydlo Stadnick, and many more Surnames, Most are from Laskowka, Drohobyczka, Villa Jawornik, Polski, Bratkowice, Bachorz, Przemysl, Galicia, Warclaw. Krakkow, Nowy Sacz, Dubiecko, Czarny Rzeszow, Poland.
        I Know of 2 Churches Parish Harta Bachorz, Poland near Laskowka, St. Andrzej AP, Jawornik, Polski.
        I had a Aunt Zofia Chrobak Szpak Born 5/03/1878, Lskowka, Poland Parish Harta Bachorz, Poland, that went to Canada, from Her Husband Jan Szpak was in Canada Already when Arriving Zofia caught Jan with another woman, The Day Zofia Arrived in Canada, and was Gas to Death By her Husband the same Day, This was between 1908 and 1910 in Canada, Province unknown to us.
        Zofia was a Widow and had 2 Son's Adalbert Pasciak Born 1900 in Laskowka, and Jakub, Born 1903, Laskowka, Poland, and L;ost a Son Karl Szpak, 1907, in Laskowka, Poland.
        I need a Xerox Copy of Her Death Certificate, from Canada, and also need the Details on what happen to Adalbert and Jacub Pasciak.
        My Mothers' Families Her Father Jacob Anton Jakale or Jokele, or Jokale Born Jan. 1887, Velke Pole, Czech, now Slovak Republic, and Her Mother Cecilia Theresa Miklos, later changed to Nickols, Born June. 1889, Velke Pole, Czech, now Slovak Republic, Plus 2 Children Veronica Born 1908, Velke Pole, and Karal Thomas Born Jan. 1909, in Velke Pole.
        Jokele or Jokale was changed to Jakale. Reason unknown. These Families sofar also go back to 1500.
        Looking for Dates and Places of Birth, Marriages, and Deaths of All Families, Grandparents, Parents, Children Brothers Sisters, Aunts, Uncles and All Greats plus Their Children and Spouses Families. All 100% Roman Catholics.
        Relatives Still in Czech, and Slovakia, Hungary, America, and Canada Today.
        I would surely appreciate any and All Information; I have just Started My Family Genealogy. I'm 2nd Generation American and 62 Years old and Handicapped. I type only with one finger, so please bear with me; and I do not speak read or write any Foreign Languages.
        Thank You,
        Renard Chrobak, rfchrobak$$$

        From: "Renee Stevens" <stevensr$$$>
        Sent: Monday, June 19, 2000 4:56 PM

        My parents, Zygmund Glattstein and Leona Seligman Glattstein came from
        Lvov and left in 1945. They were among the very few survivors of the
        Janowska Camp and the Ghetto Lvov. My brother, Georg, and sister,
        Felicia, did not survive and were taken away from my parents on August
        13, 1942 in a massive Aktion that lasted many days. Before the war, my
        father had a store at 20 Sykstuska and they lived at 8 Sykstuska. My
        grandmother, Nesze Seligman, lived at 23 Sykstuska. My parents survived
        because they were hidden by a good woman who kept them in her apartment
        for 18 months.

        If you have any information about the Glattstein, Wolf or Seligman
        families of Lvov or of the Tennenbaum and Parnes families also of Lvov,
        I would appreciate hearing from you.

        Best regards
        Renee Glattstein Stevens

        From: "dhenderson" <d.henderson$$$>
        Sent: Monday, June 19, 2000 3:13 AM

        Hi!. I enjoyed your excellent web site. The reason for visiting is that
        my father was from Lvov. He left there during the 2nd world war as a
        soldier in the Polish army and eventually settled in Scotland.
        Unfortunately, due to ill health and then his death in 1963, he never
        saw his family again. His name was Zdzislaw Tadek Stelmaszczuk. Do we
        have any family out there?. If so, I would love to hear from you. You
        can contact me at d.henderson$$$
        Thank you, Denise.

        Sent: Friday, June 16, 2000 11:06 PM

        hello is there any one who could help me trace possible relatives from lvov, my father had a sister who stayed in the ukraine . my fathers name is teodore diuk his sister was called olga. there father,my grandfather owned a farm in lvov olga had achild or children she would be 88 years old, if any one can help or tell me where to get help please e mail me at m.diuk$$$

          Sent: Monday, June 12, 2000 1:38 AM
          Firstly I was surfin on the internet, and would like to know everything about LVOV and I found your beautyfull and very informative site. Maybe we would like to come to your country next year.
          Further I will ask you for help to trace a family for me. I find it usefull to introduce myself to you first before I write this letter. My name is Adrian van Zantvoort, 42 years of age and I live in Holland near Eindhoven.
          About 15 years ago I start an research to wartime crashed aircraft and locating their crews.My research is full concentrated in the South-Eastern part of Holland. During this time I built-up an archive in which contains about 350 files of aircraft crashed in my research area. My special interest is :the Poland flew in Fighter- and Bomber Command during the second world war. For my concern it seems that they are far from forgotten, which is not right. As you probably know the Poles liberated the South-Western part of Holland in the war. As I told you previously I live close to Eindhoven(famous about the Philips works) were a war cemetery lies. This war cemetery are about 535 airmen buried(15 Polish airmen). I looking for contacts with their families, which is very hard. A few years ago I got in touch with a fiancee of a Polish fighter pilot( who was killed on 5th March 1945 near Helmond which is close to Eindhoven), and she would like to get in touch with his family. I found everything out about the crash, but as I told you we would like very glad to get in touch with his family.
          I shall give you more info about him;
          the Polish airmen in concern was; Flight Lieutenant Stanislaw(Staszek) Jan Litak born 3 January 1918
          Armyservice number was P-1725. F/Lt Litak was came from a very small village near LVOV. He was the youngest of five children, and have four Sisters. He studied Engineering at the Univercity, and his hobby was flying. By the outbreak of the war, He escaped from Poland, through Greece and France and arrived in England in the summer of 1940 where he volunteered for the RAF. On his leave of the RAF, he met his later fiancee
          Mrs Daisy Stothert. After his training he was detached to the 316(Warzawski) fighter Squadron and flew Spitfires and Mustangs. He was very talented in playing Piano, and painting art. On the 5th March 1945 his plane was badly hit by enemy groundfire(FLAK), managed to bale-out but his parchute refused. F/Lt Litak is now buried at Eindhoven General Cemetery(War grave section). Daisy Stothert was very confused about the death of Stanislaw Litak(still are!!), and have so many plans in the future, also to met Stanislaw Litak's family in LVOV. After his death ,She placed an memorial in memory of Stanislaw Litak at Goosnergh(near Preston) in Lancashire,England and she tried for many years to contact Stanislaw Litak's family. With this I hope you are able to help me in this matter, or maybe you have friends who are able to help me, or give me a link!!! It would be a nice surprise for Mrs Daisy Stothert if she could in touch with the Litak family. The info as written above
          is all that we have I am affraid. Maybe is there a register of Birth in the archives of LVOV. Thanks very much for your help in advance and I hope to hear from you soon,
          Adrian van Zantvoort
          Sent: Sunday, June 04, 2000 8:08 AM
          Hi Everyone,

          Do you have to do with Lvov's School#52?

          Do your friends have to do with this School?

          Please visit Alumni Page

          Don't forget to forward this message to your teachers and friends.


          From: "MATTEO MALLARDO" <m.mallardo$$$>
          Sent: Friday, May 26, 2000 10:05 AM

          Hello, my name is Matteo. I was born and i live in Rome, my father is italian
          and my moter comes from Cracow. My mother's grandfather was born in Lviv in
          1880 where he lived until 1900 . I decided with my parents to go visit this
          beautiful city in the next summer. Somebody can help me giving me some ideas
          of nice places in Lviv area? .

          Sent: Thursday, May 25, 2000 3:18 PM

          I am a member of the Lviv mail group, which is comprised of Jewish
          genealogists interested in finding information about their ancestors and
          relatives, and about the city of Lviv as well as the towns near it. The
          Lviv group is a subgroup of Jewishgen, the online not-for-profit Jewish
          genealogy organization. I have noticed that a number of people, particularly
          those of Jewish origin, who have left messages in your guest book are also
          interested in Lviv for genealogical reasons. I remind them to try to avail
          themselves of the ever-growing databases and other pages of interest
          available at:

          I myself am interested in a nearby small town, once known as "Szczerec"" and
          now called Shcherets" or in Yiddish, "Shtcherzetz," which is south southwest
          of Lviv. It is there that my father, Hyman Isaac FELDMAN, and his siblings
          were born. His mother was Ester Shutz, an orphan, who married Nathan FELDMAN f
          rom Pinsk.

          Naomi Fatouros (nee FELDMAN)

          From: "paul CEMPA" <ELVERN$$$>
          Sent: Tuesday, May 02, 2000 11:02 PM

          As per my grandparents church marriage certificate, they were from Strusow, Trembowla. They
          were born sometime in the 1890's emigrated to New York in 1911, and
          married here in 1912. Does anyone know
          who I could contact for their church records?
          Thank you very much.
          Joan Cempa New York, USA

          From: rz
          Sent: Tuesday, May 02, 2000 1:24 PM

          looking for info about the ZIELINSKI surname from the LWOW district, related surnames, BACHOR, FIKUS, PLUCHA, ROMANISZYN, SHABLAK. Date 2 / 5 / 2000. From, Roman Zielinski, rz$$$rz

          From: "Leandro Yagust" yagust$$$
          Date: Mon, 1 May 2000 21:18:26 -0300

          I am looking for the surname Tepper ( Fanny Leon or Fryda ). My mother Debora Tepper died in Buenos Aires , Argentina im 1972 and I am searching for any information regarding her family that was in 1944/45 in Poland. Thanks.

          Date: Sat, 22 Apr 2000 00:13:33 +0100
          From: Simon Piasecki-Maxted

          Hello there! Your site is a wonderful insight to a fabulous city. I am
          trying to trace the family of my grandfather who was a son of Lvov. He
          was an airman who escaped the Nazi tyranny but was finally killed in a
          Wellington Bomber in 1944 with 301 Squadron. his name was Jozef Tadeusz
          Piasecki. His sister is Veronika Ogorodnik and could still be living in
          Lvov. If anyone can help or advise please do ... 50 years is too long for
          a family to be separated and there must be many of us that still are.
          Simon Piasecki-Maxted monkies$$$

          Date: Fri, 21 Apr 2000 08:37:02 -0400
          From: "Steil, Simon"

          Hi: my parents were born in Lviv and I was wondering whether you know of
          sites or places where I may obtain information such as telephone or
          address books of previous years such as 1925, 1928 and 1929. Obviously,
          I am doing some genealogical research and any help would be appreciated.
          Also, does a register of emigres from Lviv exist for those years prior to
          The family names that I would like to obtain information on are: STEIL,
          MEIZELES OR MEISELES, FINEL, FERBEL, MOZES. Info of any net site or
          material on residents of Lviv in the 1900 to 1940 time frame would be
          Please respond using my home e-mail address of: ssteil$$$

          Thanks, Sy

          Date: Wed, 12 Apr 2000 13:22:09 -0700
          From: LARRY NAPORA
          From Larry Napora;
          I'm looking to make contact with Napora's . I'm not sure which part of
          the Ukraine they were from. I know my oldest aunt was born in Austria in
          the late 1800's. Also
          my mothers relatives left the Ukraine at the same time last name
          Please contact me lpnapora$$$ I live in Winnipeg, Canada.

          Date: Wed, 29 Mar 2000 14:58:38 -0500
          From: Lilias Richardson

          I am doing research of the family tree and have been stymied at this
          My forefather arrived in Alt Elft Bessarabia in l816 and he seems to
          come through Lemberg or was born there in 1801.. However, the family is
          of German
          background and I believe they were part of the colonists who went to
          in the early 1800s. The family name is Knodel. If anyone has any
          or can help me with birth records, I sure would appreciate it. My
          father immigrated to Alberta in 1910 from Alt Elft. Lil

          Date: Fri, 24 Mar 2000 00:17:55 -0300
          From: Beno y Sibila Guelbert
          Nice site!
          I'm looking for any information concerning to my grandfather's family. He
          came to Argentina in the '20s from Lvov/Lemberg. Family name is Fisch and
          they had a sawmill in the area.
          I've heard a concentration camp or a prisoners camp was placed in the
          sawmill area during World War II. Any information on any of these would
          be of much help.
          Thanks a lot!!!
          Beno Guelbert

          Date: Mon, 20 Mar 2000 12:39:01 -0500
          From: Rich

          Hello Nick,
          My mother was born in a village which is northeast of Lvov...near a town
          called Kamenka Bugskaya. I am trying to find information about my
          grandfather, my mother's father, who left Poland about 1929 and settled
          somewhere in Argentina near Buenos Aires. His name is Theodore Kolodziej. I
          loved your web site by the way and found your guest pages very interesting.

          Date: Sat, 18 Mar 2000 18:03:00 -0500 (EST)
          From: Nell Nussbaum

          I am loking for information on Humeniuk and Michalkiw. They were from
          Poland/Ukraine under various foreign rulers.

          Thank you for any help.

          Date: Fri, 17 Mar 2000 14:32:39 -0500
          From: "Steil, Simon" Hi:
          My parents were born in Lviv and left around the late 1920's. I am trying
          to trace my family roots as the lone survivor. I am looking for any
          information on the following family surnames: STEIL, MEISELES or
          address is: ssteil$$$

          Hope to visit Lviv very soon.

          Date: Tue, 14 Mar 2000 22:43:27 -0500
          From: dave daniska
          Would anyone have any information on Zygmunt Jakubowski from Lwow,Poland?
          He was partners before 1939,with his brother Adam Jakubowski whom both
          ran one of the largest publishing companies in Poland,KS JAKUBOWSKI,which
          was located at 11 piekarska street,in Lwow up to 1939.
          I would also like to find in Lviv a web site or address of where the
          records are
          kept from this time period.Thank You, David e-mail: koko1$$$

          Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2000 13:59:02 -0800
          From: Thomas Ford Library

          Where can I find info on Skibicki, Szwaluk,
          Feduniec/Fedunec,Smal, Olender
          Butynski families in and around Brody, Podkamien, Jasionow, Dube/Dubai,
          about 30 miles east of Lviv/Lwow.Do you know anyone/student who lives in
          this area
          ? ....jskibiski$$$

          Date: Fri, 21 Jan 2000 13:46:50 +0100
          From: markovic

          Help, please!
          I am looking for all about TEPPER from Stryy .
          Pozhalosta, pishite mene fso o semye/rodine TEPPER iz Stryya.
          Prosze bardzo, mie trzeba wszystko o familii TEPPER z Stryja.
          Bitte schoen, schreiben Sie mir alles ueber die Familie TEPPER aus
          Napiste mi prosim Vas vsechno o rodine TEPPERovych ze Stryje

          Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2000 14:54:56 +0100
          From: michel.patcas$$$

          Subject: Guest

          Message to Alan Fleischer (I could not reach him at his old e-mail address)

          My name is Michel Patcas (Zurich, Switzerland), and I
          have found your following message in the Lvov's Guest book.

          : Mon, 27 Jul 1998 21:52:35 -0400
          From: msfleis$$$IBM.NET
          my name is Alan A. Fleischer. I am doing family research. My father
          Benjamin was the youngest of ten siblings. He came to the U.S. in
          1884 via Hamburg from a small shtetl near Lvov. I have recently learned that
          the town or shtetl was called Zezmer. This name could of course be an
          Americanized version of the Russian &/or Polish &/or Ukrainian name for that
          place. DOES ANYONE

          My father was born in Zezmer in 1911, which is a shtetl near Riga and Kowno.
          Today, this
          town is called Ziezmariai. He left Lituania as a child and emigrated with his
          family to Belgium.
          The family was called Patz or Patzas in Lituania, later on it changed into

          You may find some interesting information under

          (synonyms of Zezmer, map and even pictures of a synagogue).
          If you can find additional data about our common origin, please let me know.
          Best regards
          Michel Patcas

          Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2000 12:39:43 +0100 (MET)
          From: Markovic Martin

          I am looking for all about family TEPPER of Stryy. This family lived in
          Poland to the World War Second, I think. Thank.

          Mene nada fso shto znayesh za semyu/familiyu/rodinu TEPPER iz Stryya.
          Ya dumayu, shto eta semya zhila v Polshe do vtoroy mirovoy voyny. Sposiba.

          Please mailto: / Pozhalosta pishite na adres:

          Date: Mon, 31 Jan 2000 11:45:05 +0100
          From: def

          I am looking for all of the family TEPPER from Stryi . Thank.
          Mene nada fso, shto znayesh o familiyi Tepper iz Stryya. Spasiba.
          Please mailto / pishite na adres: markovic$$$

          Date: Tue, 18 Jan 2000 15:25:59 -0500
          From: "Steil, Simon"

          My parents came from Lviv and immigrated to Belgium in the late 1920's. I
          am sole survivor. Family names I am researching are: Steil, Meizeles or
          Meiseles, Ferbel, Mozes and Finel. Any information would help in
          completing family tree and would love to find relatives. My e-mail
          address is: ssteil$$$

          Date: Tue, 18 Jan 2000 12:26:32 +0100
          From: famille michel-fornassero

          My name is Esther Erna BECHER. I was born in Lwow, then Poland, now
          Ukraine, in 1925.
          My father, Ignace Isaac BECHER left Poland for Brazil in 1930; after a
          year he moved to Buenos Aires, Argentine. On 1932, my mother, Rozalie
          BECHER, née STUTZ and her four children: Diana born in l926, Julius born
          in 1927, Wilhelm born in 1929 and myself, immigrated to Buenos Aires.
          My mother had a large family in Lwow: her father Isaac STUTZ, her mother
          Zivie EBERS and nine brothers and sisters. My father had also
          a large family in Lwow. The names of my father's parents: Jaim BECHER
          and Guitel GRUNWALD.

          We lived at Platz Bernardinsky 15, Lwow.

          I now live in Israel and my address is:
          Esther Becher
          Itzhak Tunik l/414
          Jerusalem 97795, Israel

          Until February I am staying at my daughter's Gisela Michel. Her email is:

          I am looking for some traces about my relative's fate .

          Anyone with any clues please contact!

          Thank you in advance for your help.

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