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Muhammad Asad
Emanuel Ax
Stefan Banach
Yuri Bashmet
Alexander Beliavsky
Martin Buber
Viktor Chukarin
Albert Franz Doppler
Ivan Fedorov
Ludwik Fleck
Leo Fuchs (Laybl Springer)
Danilo Galitsky
Maurice Goldhaber
Zbigniew Herbert
Lubka Kolessa
Salomea Krushelnytska
Stanislaw Lem
Volodymyr Levytsky
Johann Lhotsky
Lotka Alfred James
Jan Lukasiewicz
Alexandra Marinina
Alexius Meinong
Ludwig von Mises
Richard von Mises
Andrzej Mostowski
Paul Muni
Karl Radek
Rose Rand-wik
Redl Alfred-wik
Roman Rosdolsky-wik
Moriz Rosenthal-wik
Leopold Sacher-Masoch
Juliusz Schauder
Tadeusz Sendzimir
Volodimir Shayan
Andrey Sheptytsky
Stanislaw Skrowaczewski
Louis Sohn
Adam Bruno Ulam
Stanislaw Marcin Ulam
Weegee (Arthur Fellig)
Simon Wiesenthal
Grigory Yavlinsky-wik
Adam Zagajewski-wik

Lviv Lvov Lwow Lemberg Famous People

When, in 1998, I first started collecting names of famous Leopolitans, I was amazed that my hometown has given rise to many more people, notable in literature, arts, sciences, philosophy and so on, than would be expected for a city of such modest size and population. Many of those people were 'famous everywhere but there city hometown'.

The names at the left comprise a list of people who were born in Lvov-Lviv-Lwow-Lemberg or whose activities were closely related to this city. Any list of such people is certain to be incomplete, but let's try.. Click on any name (at the right) to view photo, biography and other related information.

Wikipedia has 2 much bigger lists of famous people who have called this city home
List of famous Leopolitans and Famous People from Lviv