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Galicia Genealogy Guestbook. Year 2003

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Date: 10/31/2003 14:02:29
From: "Lethe Burns" lcb$$$
Subject: Your website

Thank you so much for your spectacular website.

I have recently begun investigating my Ukrainian roots. My Grandmother
tells me her parents John Tymniak and Catherine Koch came over form
Lvov. I am trying to find out anything I can.
Any suggestions where to start? Lvov looks like a lovely city.

Lethe C. Burns
Date: 10/27/2003 10:28:11
From: cmc.toporow$$$
Subject: toporow

Hello there,
I am Dr. C.M. Chantal Toporow, daughter of Roman George Toporow born in Lvov 1920... I have very little info on my father... his father was Waclaw Toporow ( who's father I was told was the captain of the czar's pleasure yatch??) and his mother was Maria Niaviarowska ( spelling?) they left during the war, Roman became a soldier they went to Persia, Egypt, Italy, then England and finally settled in California. Roman George Toporow had three children of different wives, Eva in England, deceased, myself in California, and a Roman Martin, no info, possibly in Florida. I had heard that Roman George Toporow, my father, had a brother that was killed during the war, I have no direct info on this, curious to know if there are any children there before he died. Anyway, I hope this provides you with some information.. Only recently while doing a internet search I found out there is a village by the name of Toporow, I was completely surprised, I guess I'll have to go visit someday! Any info
would be helpful. Thanks!

Date: 10/27/2003 09:53:20
From: Leslie Oberman oberman$$$
Subject: Oberman Family Research

Leslie Oberman B.A
Amateur Genealogist. President, Australian Genealogical Society
E-mail: oberman$$$
I am researching the Oberman/Hoberman/Goberman family from Lvov. Any information will be appreciated.

Date: 10/18/2003 02:13:28
From: "Johnnie Sue Polinskey" auntattitude$$$
Subject: Thomas Garlinski

I am helping a friend with her family tree. I am looking for any info on the Garlinski's from canada. His name was thomas Garlinski and his wife was Anne Donahue. They had two kids Della and Sharon. Della Married Robert Raymond Martin. They had a child named Donna Martin who married Roy pappin. I am looking for anyinfo on that family too.
Thank you. johnnie Sue Polinskey
Date: 9/15/2003 00:01:04
From: Khobar khobar$$$
Subject: relatives of Family Romaniszyn (also Romanisyn) form Tarnopol region

I'm looking for my relatives of Family Romaniszyn(also might be Romanisyn)
My grant parent Wladyslaw Romaniszyn born in Podzameczek near Buczacz region Tarnopol (before II WAR , present Ukraine) on 1931 year.
He was a son of Karolina Zawiœlak (aprox. 1914)and Stanislaw Romaniszyn.(unknown)
Family could also lived in Podlesie near Buczacz region Tarnopol.
I'm looking for any Romaniszyn relatives,I'm trying to make genealogy tree.
If anybody have any news about my family , please write to my e-mail Khobar$$$
Date: 8/5/2003 12:03:21
From: Stones1230$$$
Subject: looking for friends or family from Sombor

I am looking for anyone who knew my parents. My father Adolph(Dolek) Frey
was an attorney in Sambor before WWII. My grandfathers name is Mayor Frey. They
survived the holocaust and left Sambor in 1945 and came to the usa with my
mother Nadia (Tomaczak) who also was from Sambor. If there is anyone who knew
them please email me.
Date: 7/28/2003 15:57:23
From: Bob Boehm BobB$$$
Subject: Hello

Hello - My father was born in Lviv (then called Lemberg) and I will be
traveling there in the next few weeks. He attended the Lviv Conservatory
and I'm trying to make contact with anyone there who speaks English and who
might have records of him there. Any thoughts? Thanks very much. Bob
Robert C. Boehm
Date: 7/24/2003 20:06:12
From: "Mike Aylward" mikeaylward$$$
Subject: Gimpel's Jewish Theatre in Lemberg/Lwow

Has anyone ever come across any postcards or photos of the Jewish theatre in Lvov? This was generally known as Gimpel's Jewish
Theatre (the theatre was owned and operated by the Gimpel family from 1889 until 1939).
For most of its life the theatre was housed at 11 Jagiellonska, but a second theatre, the 'Colosseum', was later opened on ulica
Sloneczna and the two theatres were run side by side. Before the First World War the theatre made a very large number of gramophone
recordings for various record companies. As part of a larger discographical project dealing with early European recordings of Jewish
music, I have spent the last 9 years cataloguing these Lemberg recordings and so far have documented about 500 titles. I now wish
to research the history of the theatre in greater depth.

Anyone with any information at all about Gimpel's Jewish Theatre, no matter how slight, is welcome to contact me.

Michael Aylward
Date: 7/23/2003 23:44:19
From: "Gajewczyk Tomasz" estonia$$$
Subject: Lviv greetings

Hi Nick!Your page is greatful and very neccesary.
I'm looking for somebody who could help me to tell something about fates my family and his friend from Gliniany near Lvov. They were living there before and during the Second World War. Especially I'd like to know some information about lots:
1. Mrs. Sawczuk - she had two daughters Maria and Stefania. Stefania got married during the war with Oscar Rosmus and they had little daughter Emma.
2. Family Kowalczyk from Gliniany, who had two daughters too. They lived by the river near the bridge and dairy in Gliniany..
3. W(?).Rachter or Lachter, who was my great grandfather. He came from Lvov and belonged to the Jewish community there.
4. Ben (Beniamin, Benio) Rachter, who was son of my great grandfather. He is brother from my grandmother, but I have about him no information.
Best regards and great thanks you for your page www

Tomasz Rachter eesti$$$
Date: 7/15/2003 07:25:09
From: Tatiana Jasmine jatforever$$$

Subject: Lvov school 35

hi! its a great website and its really cool people can find the lost friends or relatives. i will be very happy to get back in touch with school 35, Lvov -1987-1993. If any of my classmates read this message you are more than welcome to drop me a few lines. I live in Houston, TX currently.
the best to everyone, Tanya
Date: 6/2/2003 21:03:13
From: "MRXOTTAWA" mrxottawa$$$
Subject: your site

Thank you for your site. My son needed photos of Lvov for a book report that he is doing. He read "In My Enemy's House" by Carol Matas (Scholastic Canada, Ltd., Toronto, 1999). The main character is a young Polish Jewish girl who escapes to Germany to try to avoid the ghettos and worse fate. In the story, she says she was born in Zloczow but moved to Lvov when she was just 3 yrs old. My son needs to bring to school a few articles that will help him during his oral presentation. Your site has many good references and he will be using some of them. Very interesting history and beautiful architecture.
-Lyse from Canada
Date:5/29/2003 14:30:21
From: Usup.Rajbahak$$$
Subject: Searching for old friends

My name's Usup and I studied in the Lviv polytech from 1991 till 1997. I am trying to locate my friends with whom I spent my glorious 6 years in Lviv.
Anyone from Lviv who uses MSN messenger please add me so that I can give you contact details of my friends. Would really appreciate if someone could help
me out on this. My msn id is sickfreak$$$ mailto:sickfreak$$$ .

Date: 5/24/2003 23:28:11
From: "C ShapiroHoffman" cfsh$$$
Subject: Lemberg

Hello, My parents were from Lemberg.
Date: 4/30/2003 00:35:32
From: "Michael Kaye" michaelkaye$$$

I am looking for KOSZACKI family/ancestors - grandfather HENRYK KOSZACKI
married ANNA PODKOWKA in GOLOGORY 13 NOV 1901 lived in LIPOWCE came to USA
1906 any information about them or LIPOWCE-GOLOGORY area is welcome and much
appreciated. mail to: michaelkaye$$$

Michael Kaye
4323 Longfellow Avenue
Minneapolis, MN 55407
Date: 4/24/2003 07:49:27
From: "Jelena Tinska" tinska$$$eunet.yu
Subject: Trompczynski

I desperately wish to find somebody of my lost family Trompczynski.
I only know that my gait grandfather was from Love and his name was Sigmund.Name of my grandmother was Irena.She had two brothers, and I have picture of them from some millitary school.My grandmother died at 23 years of age, in Monte Negro, because she marry my grandfather Nicola Keseljevic who was studding medicine in St,Petersburg(they met each other there, and she marry him in Archangelks).
I am Yugoslav famous actress and writher, and I live in Beograd.I have two daughters, and they lived in London.One is actress, and the other is painter.
My mother died at Jan.15 this year, and she only knows that all communication with family Trompczynski stopped in
Date: 4/15/2003 21:48:22
From: "D. Wagner" darwinwagner$$$
Subject: Family Genealogy

I am seeking any/all information on the Schonhofer ( or Schenhofer ) and Wroblewska ( Wroblewski ) families who would have resided in Lwow from about 1900's.
Pleas e-mail me at; darwinwagner$$$
Date: 4/9/2003 08:45:31
From: "Rifeng" tomek$$$

My name is Tomek. I live in Poland, in Lublin. This is the biggest city in East Poland, about 180km from Lvov.
If somebody wants to visit Poland or Ukraine, please don't hesitate to contact with me.
Date: Wednesday, March 12, 2003 3:51 PM
From: "Alan A. Fleischer" aafleis$$$
Subject: Re: lvov(lviv)

I have the dumb luck to have a break-thru in my family research. The Shtetl/town near Lvov was named 1) Raowo 2) Raowa 3) Roona 4) Roova. Does this give you any clue as to the real name of the town/Shtetl. I am dealing with an 1884 Hamburg handwritten departure manifest.
Date: 3/31/2003 05:12:04
From: "D. Wagner" darwinwagner$$$
Subject: Lwow, Galicia

For those who had ancestors residing in Lwow/Lviv/Lemberg,
Galicia and surrounding communities from 1700's onward, I
may be able to assist your with family history research. E-mail me at; darwinwagner$$$

I have been researching for thirty years now and have a vast
collection which I am willing to share with others.
Contact; rosebud56$$$ or darwinwagner$$$
Date: 3/8/2003
From: Haristerno1$$$

Hi I am new on the computer. My father Joseph Wexler came from a small town or village outside of Lvov....the name of his town was "Dunojower...not sure of spelling. He left his town as a young boy prior to World War 1. For years I have been trying to track down no avail. I would love to know where it was and visit someday.
Thank you so much
Date: 2/24/2003
From:"JOE ANDRUSIAK" jandru$$$
Subject: Tracing my German/Russian relatives

I have been trying to search my family tree. My Grandfather was Christofor Konrad Becher. His father's name was Jakob or Jacob. Christofor Becher, my grandfather, emmigrated for Russia in 1906 ir 1907. A passport was issued to him and his wife, Anna Margaurita, at Ekaterinodar. It says on this paper that he was a colonist of the Village of Semenov. He emmigrated to Canada with his wife and 2 children, Mary 2 years old and Elizabeth age 1 month old.
I am seeking any information I can. I believe Christofor Konrad Becher's mother's name was Elizabeth Borger. Also I believe that Christofor Konrad Becher had a brother named George(or Gregorovich) and his wife Marie Ann Brediger.
My Grandfather, Christofor Konrad Becher, was born on October 10, 1879.
If you can help me please contact me at my E-mail address- jandru$$$

Thank you very much.
Date: 2/22/2003 15:09:09
From: Dan P Surman dpsurman$$$
Subject: Stara Sil, Ukraine - The Surman or Surma Family

I am working with my 2nd and 3rd cousins to trace the family tree of Surman and/or Surma that came from Stara Sil or Stars Sol, Ukraine prior to WWI it was called Austria-Hungria.


Dan Surman
New Jersey, USA
Date: 2/6/2003 17:25:32
Subject: My grandpa and his family

Hi my name is caroline and im looking for any information anyone might have about my family in Lvov,i know that there are still some there but i just dont know how to get int touch.My Grandpa came over during the was and never saw his family again,i think he was 14 at the time(maybe younger)His name is Peter LECH, he was born July 18th 1927, so if anyone knows any LECH'S please get in touch.
Date: 1/27/2003 23:32:38
From: "vivienvoss" vivienvoss$$$

Hi, my name is Steven Kowal and I wrote to you a few weeks ago so that you could put my info on the guest book, I thank you for doing this.

Unfortunately I have a bit more information and need to ask if you could change a couple of things.

1 Czeslaw's father is NOT Ulrich but Jurek
2 Czeslaw's sisters are Kateryna Irka
Is is possible for you to change this infor on the guest book, we are currently using a lady called Irina to search for us but we are not having much luck

many thanks, steven kowal vivien voss
Date: 1/19/2003 22:37:30
From: "mike sydor" sgtpepper47$$$
Subject: Searching for my family history

Hello I live in Australia,my fathers name was Wasyl Sydor (now deceased),all I know of his family is that his father's name was Anton,he had brothers named Michael Peter and I think a sister Rosemary.

I believe he had relatives( an Auntie) who went to America,Washington I think,he came to Australia with his wife Maria(still living) and young son Peter in 1950.
if any one knows any details of a family by the surname of Rebryk(my mother's maiden name) I would love to find out about her heritage.
She was born on 27 th November 1922 I believe is the date. Her mother's name was Natalie,father unknown.

I would really love to know about my heritage,if any one could help it would be greatly appreciated.


Michael Sydor
Date: 2/16/2002 12:59:07
From: "victoriaCarr" victoria$$$
Subject: Lvov

My Name is Victoria Elizabeth Carr , Born Victoria Elizabeth Zielinska, My father was Stanislaw Zielinski, he was from Lvov, would you inform me of any person or persons I could contact to find out if i have any living relatives in Lvov. Also was Lvov once Poland, and was it Stalin that changed all that, Look forward to hearing from you , Victoria