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Galicia Genealogy Guestbook. Year 2004-2005

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Date: Tue, 27 Dec 2005
From: Rose --------- dossie66$$$
Subject: genealogy

i am looking for the name demko in ukraine , galacia, austria. can you tell me where this name originates or where it is most familiar. my grandmother maria demko was austrian but i can find no trace of her roots in austria or hungary. any info will be appreciated.
rose sigut of canada

Date: Thu, 22 Dec 2005
From: Satu Suonperä zecanow$$$
Subject: Lastname search

I am searching for a lastname:Zecanow,the spelling is right but some letter have like a little "w" on the top and one (i think) has a " ´ " on it.
The story is shortly that my mothers father; Nikolai with his brothers emigrated/escaped from Lvov during war.The last person carrying this name "Zecanow" was his parents,which i dont know what happend to them,if they stayd in Lvov,I dont even know theyre names. I am their sons-doughters- doughter.
I have been searching for ages on the internet,and i have not found anything.
The story i have been told is that the Zecanow family lived in Lvov,had a child Nikolai also i think 2 brothers(?) Sergei/Sergej and someone who became called "Vekko/Vecco/Vecho".
The children emigrated/run away because of the war and nazis to finland were they changed their names to finish and never spoke "ukrainian/russian" again (propably because they had been shot right away thou finland and any "russian" were not friendly with eatch other) If the parents of Nikolai and the others stayed in Lvov or came to finland is unknown.Also their origin is unknown,if they were jews or maybe even not from Ukrainia at all.The possibilityes are many,why not germans,hebrews,lituainian,polish? The name "Zecanow" cant be found by me anyhow,maybe that is fake to,could be something like that (Zechan,Zechanow,Chichanow..).I must say in between here thou i am a bit pessimistic,that my uncle found some documents with that(Zecanow) name and refering it together with Nikolais name.
Nikolai then married Tyyne-Elizabeth (who i also think is partly russian).One thing that has been stuck on my mind of these very vage storys is that when ever Nikolai and Tyyne-Elizabeth had some "arguments" she called him;you mongol/mongolian or kossack(?) I have sometimes had the feeling that they might met a cruel destiny in some concentration camp.
*Please!Any ideas were i can look?
Does anything ring a bell,just the smallest thing.
Is there like a phonebook,some registers somewhere.Some goverment?
I most sencearily must tell you that i am truly sorry to bother you,but any tips of any kind would be helpful.Like the name,does something like that exist there in Ukrainia or Russia?
I cant find anything at all,this is driving me crazy,i have my hole life lived under a false name so has my mother her sisters and brothers and Nikolai since he changed(story says its a bought name) it to:Heikki Nikolai Heikkinen coming to finland. I thought i was finish.I speak finish and swedish.For about 2 years ago i found out;we are not from there,finland.I am now 31 years old,and I still dont know were I come from,my hole life has been a lie and I have been lied to,for protecting they say.? My birth name is:Satu-Maaria Heikkinen,but,that is not my name, is it,not the last one anyhow.
Well,i hope you will read my long mail,and maybe...just might recognize that name or something little,maybe meaningless but could be important to me.A tip..a hint where to look.If not maybe you could send it further?
Merry christmas and a happy new year!

Date: Wed, 21 Dec 2005
From: "Mills, Vivien" viv.mills$$$

Did anyone know my father Roman Lobaz, he lived in Lvov and left during the war and came to England. He isn't alive anymore but would love to hear from anyone who knew him.

Date: Thu, 15 Dec 2005
From: RitaGnep$$$
Subject: Searching relatives: Gnep in Ukraine

I am looking for my relatives Gnep in Ukraine. They lived in the area of Lviv. My father Michael Gnep was born August 19, 1919 and had one brother (Wladimir) and three sisters. His father was named Daniel. My father leaved Ukraine when he was twenty years old and came to Germany. He never told much about his family. Maybe there is anyone who can give me an advice how to find my relatives or knows Gnep.
Thank you.
Rita Gnep

Date: Sun, 27 Nov 2005
From: Natalie Domarad n_sugar00$$$
Subject: Post I read from 2001

I was googling my grandmother's maiden name Onyczkanycz and I found a post from Kevin Ony i was just wondering if his father's name is Vasyl and If his grandfather emigrated to British Columbia... If you ever get this just e-mail me back


Date: Sun, 4 Sep 2005
From: donna_shahar$$$
Subject: From Lvov to Parma- a new testimony book

My mother, Klara Rosenfeld (maiden name Silverman), has just published the book in Re. about her heroic escape from ghetto Lvov.
The book was published by Valentine Mitchell in the UK; I would like to contact any survivors organization from Lvov or any other interested party to send them a copy of her book.
I would appreciate if anyone could provide me with the relevant addresses.

Thank you
Donna Shahar

Date: Wed, 31 Aug 2005
From: Kathbutler72$$$

Hello. I am the eldest daughter of Marek Bilik. His father was called Mietek Bilik and came from Lvov. Mietek died when my father was only a small boy. He had a daughter in Lvov before he came to England who would be +/-70yrs old now called Basia. I am trying to find Basia and her family. She had 2 daughters Ewo and Beata. Ewo would be 48 and was married to a sailor in the merchant Navy and Beata would be 46yrs old. Basia was divorced but remarried in 1977 to a lawyer. I don't know her married name. She came to visit England in 1975 and met my step grandfather and grandmother, neither of whom told her she had 2 half brothers. Mietek died when my dad was only a small boy. Can anyone help me find Basia?

Katherine Butler, UK,

Date: Sat, 16 Jul 2005
From: sunil ananda kumarasiri kumara80$$$
Subject: want to find university mates

Dear sir,
I have studied at Lvov State Medical Institue from 1980 to 1987, and left after passing out but my heart is still there,I still think about my friends and all the good days spend there. I am now working abroad as a Doctor but coming back to Russia to do post graduate, probably in Tver,I will be visiting Lvov, I want to meet my friends from the university, I am from srilanka and my name is kuruwage sunil ananda kumarasiri, and all of you called me 'kuruwage' where are you, I want to meet you all soon.plaese contact, I was living in hostel - obsheshitie no 7, na ulitsa meshnikovo, komnata no 513. Do pobacheniya, c mnoi grupe bil nathasha,Roman, lahiguk. napishite shdu.


Date: Mon, 11 Jul 2005 12:56:44 -0700 (PDT)
From: "Alex Weisler" nhdprotestsongs$$$
Subject: Shatsk/Kropivnickie

I'm searching for any records of [Kagan]s and [Nemets]s in the towns of Shatsk (Szack)/Kropivnickie/Lubomil. Lvov is the nearest city and I was wondering if any sorts of archives have been catalogued/preserved.
I know that the vast majority of Shatsk's (Szack) were murdered by Nazis on June 22, 1942. Any information you could provide would be indescribably appreciated (even addresses of more local information repositories)

Alex Weisler

Date :Sunday 10 July 2005.
From :reuvel$$$ or REUVENL$$$HOTMAIL.COM
Subject: Searching for family Liebes and Rosenberg

Thank You for providing this page, I was born in Lviv in 1934 and left it in 1946. My father and my mother were killed by nazis in Janowski camp in 1943. My father (Mauricy Liebes) was civil engineer , he studied in Lviv Politechnic in (about) 1919-1922 . My mother (Ida Rosenberg) was doctor of medicine (dentist) , she studied in Lviv University in (about) 1922-28. we lived in Syktuska street (old Polish name) may be number 22-23. Anybody who will find any information , documents, photos will be paid for his expenses. The answer can be in English or in Polish.
Thanks for any help   

Date: Sun, 26 Jun 2005 15:43:21 +1000
From: "Lyn Cannon" lcannon$$$
Subject: Searching

My name was Zina Lavaric (not sure of correct spelling) and I'm searching for any available history of our family. My father was Grigori and born in Lemberg 17th August 1910. He married Efrosinia Yevchenko (yevshenco?) in 193? We have very little knowledge of his life or what happened to the rest of his family.

My mother, father and brother, Yuri, were taken by the Germans to Germany about 1940 - 41and came to Australia as refugees. My father to Tasmania in 1948 and my mother and 3 children to Melbourne in 1949. Would appreciate any information on either my mother's (place of birth only known as Ukraine) or father's family or direction as to where to find same.

Lyn Cannon

Date: Wed, 22 Jun 2005 10:05:36 -0700 (PDT)
From: "nigel wilson" wilsonettess$$$
Subject: Family GELBER / KARLIK - Lviv.
Searching for descendants of family GELBER from LVIV/LWOW.

Tzvi Hersh GELBER was born in Lviv in 1916, only child of Moshe (Morris) GELBER and Genia Karlik (born 1894). Family immigrated to Mexico in the 1920's.
It is known that Moshe GELBER'S father was called AVRAHAM and he had at least 4 brothers.
Genia was the daughter of Israel Karlik and Liba (Lena) KICHLER. Lena was born in Lemberg in 1875.- died 1929.
The GELBER/KARLIK families were well known in the Jewish theatre circles - being singers and actresses/actors.
Israel GELBER, grandson of Moshe GELBER, now living in Israel, would dearly love to find his relatives. Who were Moshe's siblings? where are the descendants of the brothers - and perhaps sisters - of Avraham GELBER (he is thought to have been a Rabbi in Lviv).
Any information no matter how small would be so gratefully appreciated.

Thank you.
Patricia Wilson (Israel)

From: Realtors2$$$
Date: Fri, 3 Jun 2005 15:37:07 EDT
Subject: family

My name is Yona Frishman Kelly, my mothers name was Yehudit Bones (Frishman)  Her parents were Joseph and Luba Bones and they lived in Lvov/Komarno Poland before the Holocaust. 
I am looking for any information I can get.  Thank you,

Yona Kelly
Date: 4/22/2005 21:51:59
From: "Moshe Sarfaty" moshe.sarfaty$$$

My name is moshe and I am starting a research on the village Khodorov
Near Levov if anyone has names and information from any kind please email me .
I am working now as a translator of holocaust testimonies in Yale
university and In order to get finance for this research I need
something to begin with .

Date: 1/05/2004 12:48:31
From: "Joan Bobra" Joan.Bobra$$$
Subject: Tracing Relatives of Stanislaw Bobra

Hello Nick
I am so thrilled to have found your website as I have been trying for a
number of years to trace my father's relatives. His name was Stanislaw
BOBRA and was born in Lvov in 1915. He came to Edinburgh, Scotland
during WWII with the Polish Resettlement Army. In 1945 he married my
mother. He died on 11 June 1947 and is buried in the Polish War
Cemetery in Edinburgh, Scotland. Before WWII he was at Katowice
He had a sister called Emilia, who I think was alive a few years ago
but not sure where she now lives or how old she is. I think her
married name is Pietrowska.
Thank you so much for the chance to find some blood relatives and to
see how beautiful Lvov is, I am hoping to visit this year with my
youngest son.
Joan Bobra