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Galicia Genealogy Guestbook. Year 2015-2016

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From: Robert Di Giandomenico

Do you offer genealogy research services in Lviv?
I'm looking for around 2 birth records in Sokal and 2 in Velyki Mosty..
Let me know if this is something you assist with..
(PS: It may not be birth records? It may be that marriage records, etc work better. I'm just trying to find some missing ancestors for a friend.)

From: Mrs. Wanda Maria Teresa Howell wanda.howell$$$

I am searching for my Dziadek’s (Grandfather’s) family, who were from Lwow, Poland. During WWII my Dziadek joined the Polish Army and left Lwow and never went back again.
His name is Antoni Chaj, he was born on the 24th December 1922 and died in June 1996. When he moved to the UK, after the war, we could not get in contact with anyone in Lwow, due to the restrictions in Eastern Europe. However, now his daughter is ill, we are wanting to find out more about what happened to his family, after WWII and if anyone survived?
We would love to find out any information at all.
Thank you.
All good wishes,