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Galicia Genealogy Guestbook. Year 2009-2010

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Date: Thu, 7 Oct 2010
From: Krys Herrmann krysherrmann$$$
Subject: Posting for Galicia records.

I am trying to find details about my paternal grandparents. My grandmother's name was Wiktoria Romanow she lived in Lvov Poland, now Lviv Ukraine. I am not sure if this is her maiden name or married name. I would like to obtain her birth, marriage and death records but have been told that this is not possible. Does anyone know where I could get this information from. Surely there must be a national register of these records. I know that she married and became Wiktoria Tilk, when my father was young but he can't remember any details (my father was a prisoner of war at 16 and spent 9 months in Auschwitz - we're Catholic). When I was in Lviv 8 years ago I visited her grave but that didn't give me any clues as she was buried in a grave with someone else and the grave stone had this other person's name as well as hers .. Wiktoria Ivano which I was told was the name of her father. All very mysterious. Unfortunately I couldn't speak Ukrainian only Polish so couldn't find anyone who could answer my questions. After the war my parents along with me, moved to Australia. Hopefully someone out there can help.

from ddstohr$$$
date Sat, Nov 14, 2009 at 6:36 PM
subject Zygmunt Stohr

I am trying to find information on my late Grandfather - Zygmunt Stohr.
He was born in Stryj, Poland in 1919 and later moved with his parents to Lvov.
In World War 2, he joined the Polish Army and ended up in Scotland.
He met and married my Grandmother, Margaret Lawrence in 1942.
They later moved to Australia.

If anybody knows anything about Zygmunt Stohr, please let me know.
Many thanks,
Dale Stohr

from Diane Cohen disilversmith$$$
date Thu, Oct 29, 2009 at 7:13 PM
subject Ancestral Roots in Lviv

I ran across your website, and I am hoping you can post this.
I am seeking any information pertaining to my family's roots in Austria-Hungary, as it was then known. My father's family (mother's side) is from Lviv. The family name is Weinstock. His mother was born Toby Weinstock, but also went by the name Tillie, born around 1899 pr 1900. Her father worked as a shochet. There were 4 or 5 children. One brother was named Dave or Davey. One of the sisters died from tuberculosis. The family was originally denied admittance at Elllis Island due to this child's illness. They emigrated to the U.S. around 1902 or 1903.
I believe my father's father's family also hails from the area. Their name was Hornholz or Hornholtz, but the name was changed to Cohen at Ellis Island.
Many thanks,