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Galicia Genealogy Guestbook. Year 2013

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From: paul tereszczak paul_000$$$

Hi, my father's family are from Lvov and I have just returned from a visit to that most startlingly beautiful and friendly place.
I found out lots of stuff but was frustrated that I could not locate 'Na Wykopach', the road where his family lived. I know that it existed because it appears in a book of road names giving old and new street names, the Ukraine name is 'вул викопна'.
Any suggestions gatefully received, I am Paul Tereszczak of Lincolnshire, England, email paul_000$$$ many thanks.

From: jms$$$

Searching for Theodosia/Teodozia Psheek/Pshik/Pshikh/Pizyk from Zalesche, Galicia, Austria in 1880's
More info on my tree on

From: carloj9 carloj9$$$

is there any chance to get as much as possible of informations about family Jędzierowski from Zbaraz? My grandgrandfather was Stanisław Jedzierowski (born 02.03.1906), his wife was Maria Matwijczuk). Parents of Stanisław were Andreas/Andrzej Jędzierowski (has at least 3 sisters: Antonina, Franciszka and Agata) and Katarzyna/Catharina Romanczuk, Andrzej's parents were Antoni Jędzierowski and Rosaliae Stocka. I'm looking for any documents, pictures, birth or death notes of them, they borthers, sisters, uncles, parents etc. If You don't have any of these informations please give me contact to persons who can help me. Regards,
Karol Jędzierowski