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Searching ancestral roots in Galicia

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Records for year: 2011-2012

from: Carolyn Lewis-Chandler carolyn$$$
date: Sun, May 20, 2012
subject: Seeking Family From Galicia - Urycz and Szpyrka Families

I am looking for any information on the following families:

Urycz from Harta, Galicia
Szpyrka from Krasne, Galicia

My great-grandfather, Ladislau Urycz, 29 Mar 1887 in Harta, Galicia (Poland)

My great-grandmother, Thecla Szpyrka, was born 3 Jul 1890 in Krasne, Galicia (Poland). I think her parents’ names were John Szpyrka and Mary Kotza.

Any information regarding either one of these would be helpful.

from: Hanna Palmon hpalmon$$$
date: Wed, May 2, 2012
subject: Seeking roots in Galicia - the Hermelin family from Lvov

I am looking for information about my family from Lemberg - Lwow - Lvov : The surname was Hermelin or Harmelin, and the earliest known roots of the family were in Brody, also in Galicia. I have found some information about: Rabbi David-Baruch Hermelin;
His sons: Dr. Natan Hermelin (a lawyer, who dedicated his life to musical activities: he was a violinist, composer, and the conductor of the Jewish Symphonic Orchestra in Lvov between 1919 and 1927) and Dr. Eliasz-Max Hermelin (a gynecologist at the Jewish Hospital in Lvov);
his grandson (Natan's son): Artur Hermelin (a well known pianist and a teacher at the Lysenko music academy in Lvov during the 1930's).
Artur, Natan and Eliasz-Max Hermelin perished in the ghetto of Lvov or in the Janowska Labor Camp, during the Holocaust.
If you have any information about the Hermelin family from Lvov, or about any of its descendents who survived the Holocaust - I'll be most grateful if you can let me know. I am looking also for old recordings of Artur Hermelin (he played frequently with the Warsaw Philharmonic - as well as in a duo with the violinist Nathan Milstein - between 1926 and 1941; his recitals were broadcasted by radio Warsaw) and for the partituras of Natan Hermelin's compositions.
Thank you vey much for your help!!!

Tue, Feb 14, 2012
From: debbie52366$$$
Subject: galicia genealogy

My grandfather's name was Johann Heidinger (born March 24, 1907) . His father was also Johann Heidinger (born April 29, 1876). I have recently been given information that his family was landowners at some point in Galicia and then in Batschka. Any information will be appreciated.
Thank you,
Debra Tepper

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